Profit Optimization


Axafina's Pricing and Profit Optimization service line helps organizations build, implement and sustain advanced pricing capabilities through a closed loop approach that includes strategy, analytics, price setting and execution.

For many companies, effective pricing capabilities can provide the single most efficient avenue to improve profitability. Many companies are developing or reassessing pricing strategies, applying advanced technology and building new teams to focus on effective pricing practices. Yet when it comes to pricing and profit optimization, an incremental attitude toward change is not sufficient. To obtain and sustain maximum benefits from advanced pricing and profit optimization practices, a closed loop approach is needed; one that senses and analyzes market conditions and enables organizations to refresh pricing strategies at a micro-segment level.

Axafina's approach includes four fundamental pricing capability areas—strategy, analytics, price setting and execution. These are supported by two key enabling areas—clear governance over pricing and a robust pricing-data infrastructure—to achieve world-class pricing in a continuous learning process that closes the loop. If combined correctly, these capabilities provide a focused alignment between a world-class strategy and execution for the long term.

Why Axafina

Axafina's unique combination of unmatched pricing strategy and optimization, experience, industry and solution delivery insights—coupled with our relationships with leading technology providers—provides the end-to-end solution required to deliver sustainable, advanced pricing capabilities. Our Pricing and Profit Optimization professionals work with leading B2B and B2C organizations to create sustainable value, measured by improved profitability, revenue growth, customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

We offer:

Axafina also brings proven assets and tools to accelerate project delivery and reduce implementation risk.

Axafina Delivery Methods are the distillation of three decades of experience in creating and running multidisciplinary projects that deliver business benefits to clients.

Office of Pricing Technologies provides pricing vendor technology information, profiles, and Axafina points of view. Offerings include:

Shareholder value assessment modeling—Axafina's proprietary assets and frameworks help executives identify hidden sources of value at the operational level.


Axafina's Pricing and Profit Optimization services include a suite of consulting and outsourcing services which dramatically upgrade clients' pricing capabilities. Our offerings include: