Customer Service Transformation


Axafina works with clients to redefine customer service as part of an overall strategy to achieve superior results.

We help clients provide differentiated service experiences based on the expectations and requirements of individual customer segments, and on the current and potential value of those segments.

We help enterprises integrate new service models that appeal to a more varied consumer base, target the right sets of customers and use technology to produce value-based service experiences. When combined, these capabilities can reduce churn and help drive predictable buying behavior and loyalty among an organization’s most important segments.

Delivering a satisfying, profitable customer service experience plays a key role in superior results. Yet many organizations have only a general—and often incorrect—sense of what their customers experience, and even less insight on how to improve that experience.

Few business functions have more impact on business performance than customer service, whether delivered online, by phone or in the field. Customer service is where operating cost, sales revenue and workforce productivity converge, creating some of the biggest performance challenges—and most promising opportunities—that organizations face today.

Axafina research into the characteristics of superior results shows that the ability to deliver a satisfying customer experience consistently is a hallmark of the superior-performing business. Yet satisfying customer service is one of the hardest things for organizations to deliver, much less deliver profitably. In fact, our research also shows that nearly half of all consumers have quit doing business with at least one company during the last year due to a poor service experience.

What do customers really want? How much should organizations invest in satisfying customer expectations? When it comes to customer service, most organizations have more questions than answers. One thing, however, is clear: delivering satisfying, profitable customer service will only get harder.

Armed with the right insight and right capabilities, however, organizations can address today's service issues effectively and weather tomorrow's challenges with confidence. Axafina helps enterprises of all kinds model, implement and manage a service experience that balances cost and quality, to deliver predictable and sustainable impact on business performance. By helping these organizations transform their customer service model, we help them and the people they serve achieve superior results.

Why Axafina

Axafina helps organizations master the fundamentals of customer service—by conducting in-depth analysis of current service operations, designing and implementing fact-based strategies for delivering more satisfying and cost-effective customer service across channels, and continuously monitoring customer contact operations to identify further opportunities for improvement.

To achieve and sustain profitable growth, organizations need to strike the right balance between managing costs and satisfying customers. That's rarely an easy task, yet it's one that every organization needs to take on—what business can simply hope that its customer service quality is high enough to satisfy its customers or strong enough to face its competitors?

Axafina has the depth and breath of experience that organizations need to analyze and transform every aspect of the customer experience, from the time a service request is received until the time it's completed, and across every channel and every worker that helps shape this experience.

Using proprietary techniques, we first help clients evaluate current service operations, segment and analyze the customer base and devise a customer contact blueprint that balances the cost of service with the current and potential value of customer relationships—what we term the "perfect" customer experience.

We also provide technology solutions, management tools, training—everything that the service workforce requires to handle customer call with optimum efficiency, in addition to recognizing and maximize cross- and up-selling opportunities.

Finally, we help organizations continuously monitor and fine-tune customer contact, thereby sustaining initial cost benefits while continuing to deliver a satisfying service experience even as customer expectations change.

In short: we deliver results, we deliver results with real performance impact and we help make this impact last. Moreover, we don't stand still—by working with the most innovative clients and alliance companies, we're continuously expanding our expertise, deepening our skills and bringing new innovations to market at scale.


Axafina offers a complete suite of strategic and operational services for evaluating, transforming and managing customer service.