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Customer Relationship Management

Learn more about the marketing, sales and service solutions Axafina offers to help businesses achieve superior results.

{tab Introduction}


Axafina CRM solutions help organizations create customer experiences that deliver superior-results outcomes.

Achieving profitable, organic growth is never simple. Today, however, attracting and keeping profitable customer relationships seems even harder. New industry dynamics, changing customer demographics and outmoded marketing practices present considerable challenges to establishing the loyal customer relationships that are the foundation of growth.

Axafina's research into superior-results marketing and customer management shows that mastery of five specific capabilities accounts for 50 percent of a company's ability to win customer loyalty. Axafina helps organizations to master these capabilities, build customer loyalty and create financial value.

With Axafina's help, organizations quickly and cost-effectively acquire the capabilities they need—strategic, analytical and operational—to achieve superior results by strengthening customer relationships. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services based on proprietary methods, sophisticated tools, well-tested and pre-integrated architectures and processes, a global workforce of CRM system professionals and a worldwide network of resources for solution delivery and operations management.

Our consulting solutions, managed services and outsourcing capabilities help organizations identify the most profitable customer segments; design and manage precisely targeted marketing campaigns; and differentiate service and support based on customer preferences.

As a result, our clients invest more strategically, work more efficiently and build more profitable, longer-lasting customer relationships—accelerating their journey towards superior results.

Why Axafina

Around the world, organizations seeking the vision, expertise and track record turn to Axafina for help in revitalizing their customer-facing strategies and capabilities.

Axafina helps organizations realize significant performance gains by developing fact-based customer strategies, implementing them quickly and cost effectively and continuously measuring and managing the outcome. We help our clients achieve these results by mastering the essential capabilities needed to attract and retain customers by:

  • Creating and shaping demand for their offerings to accelerate financial returns and growth.
  • Using foresight and customer insights to deploy marketing investments most efficiently and effectively.
  • Creating distinctive, compelling and consistent branded experiences to attract and retain customers.
  • Harnessing talent and technology to capitalize on the key value-creating capabilities.
  • Understanding the relationship between marketing and business performance, and assigning accountability to exploit this relationship.

We also offer a broad range of strategic options for delivery and sourcing, as well as flexible business arrangements that help clients acquire the capabilities they need when they need them while preserving the ability to scale capacity and modify cost structures as required.

Through this combination of powerful capabilities and strategic delivery and operating models, Axafina's clients quickly realize significant, sustainable returns from their customer relationship management (CRM) investments, taking their business performance to new heights.

{tab Billing Management}


Companies are under extreme pressure on multiple fronts: from customers, competitors, regulators and capital markets. Ineffective customer billing management practices often compound these pressures. While many have invested in improving front-end sales and service performance, they may be neglecting customer operations on the back-end, particularly customer billing services management.

Companies that try to improve billing effectiveness often focus more on the mechanics of producing bills rather than on using billing capabilities to create competitive advantage. Aging infrastructures impede new product introduction and product bundling, and constraints on capital spending prevent organizations from re-tooling their billing capabilities.

As the foundation for order processing, account management, revenue reporting and more, your customer billing capabilities are the critical link between what you offer customers and what you earn from customers. Each billing interaction is an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship, capture better customer information and deliver superior service.

Axafina believes that tomorrow's leaders will be the companies that design and implement new, data-driven customer strategies today. How well you master this new approach to managing—and growing—customer relationships will define your future.

Why Axafina

We combine innovative, proven solution components, the power of our strategic business relationships and global delivery capabilities that include a team of outstanding customer billing professionals.

Axafina Customer Billing solutions transform the way your business handles customer billing. We apply innovative yet proven solution components, such as Axafina Communications Solutions, and harness the power of our strategic business relationships and our global delivery capabilities, including a team of outstanding customer billing professionals.

With expertise in every dimension of billing—strategy, process, workforce, technology and operations—and expertise in virtually every billing software platform, Axafina can help you achieve a new level of performance.

  • By improving operational speed and efficiency, Axafina Customer Billing solutions can help reduce your billing costs by at least 20 percent.
  • By improving your ability to offer flexible billing options, and by using our Customer Insight capabilities to customize customer rates and discounts, our billing solutions can increase customer satisfaction and help you keep your best customers longer.
  • By readily supporting new products and product bundles, our solutions help you take advantage of new revenue opportunities faster.
  • By training your billing customer service professionals to take full advantage of new billing capabilities, our solutions can further enhance revenue through effective cross- and up-selling.


  • Leading a complete or a focused transformation of the billing function, including process, platform, organization and operations, in either an outsourced, co-sourced or consulting capacity.
  • Delivering external billing capabilities to support a new business model or new business launch.
  • Providing the planning, management and systems integration services needed to implement Axafina Communications Solutions and underlying software packages.
{tab Customer Contact}


Axafina helps companies transform their customer contact operations for superior results—by reducing the cost of delivering customer service and delivering a more satisfying customer experience.

Companies in many industries now face new competitive threats, as well as new opportunities for growth. At the same time, their customers are demanding higher quality service and their shareholders are pressuring them to contain spending and improve operating efficiency.

Is it possible to develop new revenue opportunities, satisfy customer expectations, reduce costs and conserve capital? Or must companies chose among these competing goals? Nowhere is this dilemma felt more keenly than in the customer contact center. More and more businesses are finding that their traditional approach to managing customer contact is too costly to sustain, while the obvious remedies pose a serious risk of damaging customer relationships.

Axafina can shed light on how leading organizations manage to balance cost efficiency with customer satisfaction and organic growth. For example, our research has found that the ability to develop and consistently deliver a differentiated, branded customer experience plays a major role in helping organizations achieve a superior level of customer loyalty. In turn, customer loyalty help drive profitability, revenue growth and shareholder value.

We have translated these and other insights into process and technology innovations that help our clients master the delivery of profitable, satisfying customer experiences and improve business performance. We can help your organization do the same.

Why Axafina

Axafina helps companies achieve superior business performance by designing, implementing and managing a more satisfying, more profitable experience for their customers. We deliver these outcomes through a powerful, market-leading combination of innovative consulting solutions, managed services and strategic outsourcing capabilities.

Axafina Customer Contact Transformation services help you achieve a predictable reduction in customer cost-to-serve over time, while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and stimulating revenue growth.

We have translated insight and expertise developed through research and years of pioneering client work into proven innovations for virtually every aspect of customer contact, including customer analytics, customer self-service, agent performance management, agent desktop capabilities and contact center operations.

Our deep industry knowledge and business acumen enables us to apply these innovations in ways that produce significant results quickly and with minimal risk--results such as fewer service calls, improved call handling, increased use of self-service channel and faster time to agent proficiency.

We have helped companies reduce overall contact center operating expenses between 20 and 25 percent, and improve customer satisfaction scores 10 to 15 percent. In addition, our approach frees valuable capital freed by shifting clients to a more variable cost model, as the result of outsourcing or co-sourcing non-core components of customer contact.


  • Transformation Consulting Solutions
  • Managed Services
  • Strategic Sourcing and Infrastructure Outsourcing
{tab Marketing}


With more companies focused on growth, marketing has emerged as a key factor separating industry leaders from laggards.

Superior marketing capabilities not only help attract customers, but also convert them into loyal product and service advocates.

In fact, Axafina's research into superior results marketing and customer management shows that mastery of five specific marketing factors accounts for 50 percent of a company's ability to win customer loyalty, which in turns drive higher revenues and greater profitability.

Yet at many organizations, the chief marketing officer faces tremendous challenges, particularly when it comes to driving organic growth. Globalization, for one, is spurring competition and transforming market economics. Rapid innovation is increasing product complexity and speeding commoditization. And generally weak capabilities for marketing planning and implementation reduce the impact of strategic marketing investment.

Today's savvy companies are allocating more resources towards marketing. However, simply spending more money does not guarantee increased customer loyalty—particularly in the face of intense competition for share of mind and wallet. To achieve superior results, marketers first need to identify and prioritize the investments that contribute to strategic objectives. They need the ability to quantify the return on these investments, to understand which are working and which are not, and reallocate resources more effectively.

Axafina helps chief marketing officers drive growth and achieve superior results by developing superior strategies, planning the effective implementation of these strategies, and executing these plans flawlessly—and doing quickly and efficiently.

Why Axafina

Axafina helps chief marketing officers achieve their objectives for organic growth, by prioritizing strategic investments and addressing the most critical gaps in marketing capability gaps. Most importantly, Axafina speeds strategy development, planning and implementation, helping companies quickly acquire, retain and grow the most profitable customers.

  • Our solutions for proposition marketing drive growth by pinpointing the new market, product and services propositions required to win new customers and develop new market spaces.
  • Our solutions for customer-centric marketing drive growth by generating a consistent branded-customer experience across new and existing target customer touch-points.
  • Our solutions Marketing Operational Excellence enable flawless delivery of strategic growth initiatives while creating – or providing access to—world-class Marketing operations capabilities.


Axafina offers the following services to help clients achieve mastery in marketing , delivered through discrete consulting projects solutions or through end-to-end transformational programs, depending on business needs:

  • Market and customer strategy solutions drive profitable growth and sustained competitive advantage through high-impact market-focused and customer-focused business strategies.
  • Segmentation and analysis solutions enable fact-based one-to-one customer targeting and engagement, to create more loyalty and more profitable customer relationships.
  • Customer centricity solutions incorporate the customer's perspective, value and actions into marketing strategy, planning and execution, to improve business performance and build customer loyalty.
  • Customer loyalty management solutions drive increased customer loyalty while fuelling profitable growth through integrated loyalty insights, strategy and program development, execution and measurement platforms and outsourcing.
  • Campaign and promotion management solutions help marketing organizations develop the capabilities needed to deliver multi-channel marketing messages that support customer acquisition, growth and retention.
  • Marketing operations planning and management solutions drive organic growth and shareholder value by building world-class capability for the planning and execution of marketing programs.
  • Customer data management solutions deliver continuously accurate, complete and compliant customer information across the enterprise.
  • Marketing return on investment solutions optimize investments across products, regions, countries and business units, to maximize future potential based on market, competitor and internal data.
{tab Sales}


Axafina helps organizations improve sales performance by realigning strategic resources, managing sales force behavior and enhancing operating capabilities.

Companies seeking to boost performance and grow their business depend on their sales force to drive results—and they are often disappointed.

For many, improving sales performance means transforming the sales function—at times, changing not only the way a company sells but even what it sells and to whom. Many sales teams, however—pressured to deliver short-term revenue targets—typically lack the opportunity and resources to make significant changes to their sales strategy or sales tools. Consequently, changes are sporadic and tactically focused, with minimal impact on top line.

Axafina helps sales organizations meet the most complex challenges with an integrated, holistic solution that avoids the shortfalls of the traditional piecemeal approach, and addresses each of the key dimensions of sales performance:

  • The alignment of sales people and programs with customers with the highest probability of buying and channels likely to provide the best margins.
  • The definition of sales force behaviors that support the sales strategy, and reinforcing these behaviors through advanced training techniques, performance management processes, metrics, compensation and rewards systems, hiring practices and sourcing models.
  • The design and delivery of processes, tools and other capabilities that enable more effective sales organizations, beginning with the customer data analytics that the sales organization needs in order to identify the best opportunities, channels and sales tactics.

As a result, we help improve performance across a wide spectrum of sales metrics—such as refocusing from sales volume to sales margin, shifting from selling products to selling solutions, reducing the cost of sales as a percent of total revenue or other business objectives.

Why Axafina

Our approach is realistic as well as value-driven. We work in partnership with our clients and hold ourselves responsible for results.

Much more than sales force automation, Axafina Sales Transformation integrates our market-leading capabilities for customer strategy, customer insight and human performance into a total solution that spans sales intelligence and analysis, sales strategy and methodology, organizational design, workforce training and performance management and more.

Axafina helps organizations master today's complex selling challenges by addressing each of the key characteristics of superior-results sales organizations. As a result of this holistic approach, Axafina can enable top-line growth in addition to reducing operational costs, helping to create more corporate value over the long term:

  • Sell more by delivering more overall revenue, more revenue per employee and more revenue per sales representative.
  • Sell more strategically by targeting larger companies and C-level buyers and expanding sales into new territories and within existing accounts.
  • Sell more efficiently by reducing clients' cost to sell while sustaining revenue.

We are confident in our ability to produce significant, sustainable impact on our clients' selling performance because of the combined power of our unique solution assets and deep experience. Our Sales Transformation solution embodies years of experience in helping thousands of clients revitalize their customer-facing capabilities. We have distilled this expertise into innovative solution components that produce a consistent, predictable impact on selling performance. These methods, tools and similar resources equip your sales organization with the capabilities it needs to optimize revenue impact and operating effectiveness—more sophisticated market segmentation and analysis, for example; better pipeline management, more effective training, advanced performance management tools and much more. Our client teams customize these capabilities to satisfy your specific business requirements, and implement them with optimal quality, speed and cost by leveraging a global network of delivery resources.


Based on tested innovation and best practice, Axafina's suite of solution components for transforming sales performance minimize business risk and shorten the time-to-value.

  • Incentive compensation and reward management
  • Sales technology enablement
  • Sales process design
  • Talent management
  • Sales operations optimization
  • Sales margin optimization
{tab Customer Service}


Axafina helps organizations master the fundamentals of customer service.

Delivering a satisfying, profitable customer service experience plays a key role in superior results. Yet many organizations have only a general—and often incorrect—sense of what their customers experience, and even less insight on how to improve that experience.

Few business functions have more impact on business performance than customer service, whether delivered online, by phone or in the field. Customer service is where operating cost, sales revenue and workforce productivity converge, creating some of the biggest performance challenges—and most promising opportunities—that organizations face today.

Axafina research into the characteristics of superior results shows that the ability to deliver a satisfying customer experience consistently is a hallmark of the superior-performing business. Yet satisfying customer service is one of the hardest things for organizations to deliver, much less deliver profitably. In fact, our research also shows that nearly half of all consumers have quit doing business with at least one company during the last year due to a poor service experience.

What do customers really want? How much should organizations invest in satisfying customer expectations? When it comes to customer service, most organizations have more questions than answers. One thing, however, is clear: delivering satisfying, profitable customer service will only get harder.

Armed with the right insight and right capabilities, however, organizations can address today's service issues effectively and weather tomorrow's challenges with confidence. Axafina helps enterprises of all kinds model, implement and manage a service experience that balances cost and quality, to deliver predictable and sustainable impact on business performance. By helping these organizations transform their customer service model, we help them and the people they serve achieve superior results.

Why Axafina

Axafina helps organizations master the fundamentals of customer service—by conducting in-depth analysis of current service operations, designing and implementing fact-based strategies for delivering more satisfying and cost-effective customer service across channels, and continuously monitoring customer contact operations to identify further opportunities for improvement.

To achieve and sustain profitable growth, organizations need to strike the right balance between managing costs and satisfying customers. That's rarely an easy task, yet it's one that every organization needs to take on—what business can simply hope that its customer service quality is high enough to satisfy its customers or strong enough to face its competitors?

Axafina has the depth and breath of experience that organizations need to analyze and transform every aspect of the customer experience, from the time a service request is received until the time it's completed, and across every channel and every worker that helps shape this experience.

Using proprietary techniques, we first help clients evaluate current service operations, segment and analyze the customer base and devise a customer contact blueprint that balances the cost of service with the current and potential value of customer relationships—what we term the "perfect" customer experience.

We also provide technology solutions, management tools, training—everything that the service workforce requires to handle customer call with optimum efficiency, in addition to recognizing and maximize cross- and up-selling opportunities.

Finally, we help organizations continuously monitor and fine-tune customer contact, thereby sustaining initial cost benefits while continuing to deliver a satisfying service experience even as customer expectations change.

In short: we deliver results, we deliver results with real performance impact and we help make this impact last. Moreover, we don't stand still—by working with the most innovative clients and alliance companies, we're continuously expanding our expertise, deepening our skills and bringing new innovations to market at scale.


Axafina offers a complete suite of strategic and operational services for evaluating, transforming and managing customer service.

  • Multi-channel self-service solutions optimize the customer experience across multiple automated channels such as IVR, Web, kiosks and mobile devices. These solutions include diagnostic and analytic tools for evaluating channel performance; self-service treatment strategies based on detailed analysis of customer profiles; and designing and delivering the technology architectures required to support advanced self-service capabilities.
  • Customer service workforce solutions help organizations maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the customer-facing workforce. These solutions include performance management, call handling procedures, training, coaching and more.
  • Agent desktop and mobile solutions help organizations leverage their existing technology asset to improve contact center agent performance. These solutions include our desktop integration framework for legacy systems; end-to-end tracking and analysis of agent activity across desktop applications; agent coaching and eLearning solutions; and sophisticated scheduling and resource management tools.
  • Telephony integration and management solutions support advanced call routing and handling, call quality monitoring and contact center workforce management. They include advanced capabilities for the agent desktop, such as e-mail response to customer calls; advanced inbound and outbound call capabilities; call monitoring and analytics; and performance reporting.
  • Service delivery management solutions deliver the organization, business process and technology capabilities required to provide optimal customer service. These solutions manage and optimize after-sales customer interactions, including the development of new service strategies and offerings; customer care and case management; and service fulfillment across contact centers, field service, back office administration and professional service organizations.
  • Field service and support effectiveness solutions help organizations define the strategic imperatives for field service and support and optimize existing field service capabilities. The solutions include developing new service offerings; managing and enabling field technicians; analyzing the installed base for opportunities to increase service revenues; and integrating field service with sales capabilities.
  • Service performance management solutions provide a common, enterprise-level framework for managing service performance using customer-centric metrics. These solutions include analytics-driven scorecards, reporting and measurement technologies and governance and organization models.
  • Service operations optimization delivers the strategic and tactical capabilities required to manage service centers for optimal performance. Includes both strategic and tactical resource and facility planning; service center workforce management; diagnostics and financial modeling to identify opportunities to improve operational performance; vendor management, including selection, contracting, mobilization and management; and service center consolidation.

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