Customer Relationship Management

Learn more about the marketing, sales and service solutions Axafina offers to help businesses achieve superior results.



Axafina CRM solutions help organizations create customer experiences that deliver superior-results outcomes.

Achieving profitable, organic growth is never simple. Today, however, attracting and keeping profitable customer relationships seems even harder. New industry dynamics, changing customer demographics and outmoded marketing practices present considerable challenges to establishing the loyal customer relationships that are the foundation of growth.

Axafina's research into superior-results marketing and customer management shows that mastery of five specific capabilities accounts for 50 percent of a company's ability to win customer loyalty. Axafina helps organizations to master these capabilities, build customer loyalty and create financial value.

With Axafina's help, organizations quickly and cost-effectively acquire the capabilities they need—strategic, analytical and operational—to achieve superior results by strengthening customer relationships. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services based on proprietary methods, sophisticated tools, well-tested and pre-integrated architectures and processes, a global workforce of CRM system professionals and a worldwide network of resources for solution delivery and operations management.

Our consulting solutions, managed services and outsourcing capabilities help organizations identify the most profitable customer segments; design and manage precisely targeted marketing campaigns; and differentiate service and support based on customer preferences.

As a result, our clients invest more strategically, work more efficiently and build more profitable, longer-lasting customer relationships—accelerating their journey towards superior results.

Why Axafina

Around the world, organizations seeking the vision, expertise and track record turn to Axafina for help in revitalizing their customer-facing strategies and capabilities.

Axafina helps organizations realize significant performance gains by developing fact-based customer strategies, implementing them quickly and cost effectively and continuously measuring and managing the outcome. We help our clients achieve these results by mastering the essential capabilities needed to attract and retain customers by:

  • Creating and shaping demand for their offerings to accelerate financial returns and growth.
  • Using foresight and customer insights to deploy marketing investments most efficiently and effectively.
  • Creating distinctive, compelling and consistent branded experiences to attract and retain customers.
  • Harnessing talent and technology to capitalize on the key value-creating capabilities.
  • Understanding the relationship between marketing and business performance, and assigning accountability to exploit this relationship.

We also offer a broad range of strategic options for delivery and sourcing, as well as flexible business arrangements that help clients acquire the capabilities they need when they need them while preserving the ability to scale capacity and modify cost structures as required.

Through this combination of powerful capabilities and strategic delivery and operating models, Axafina's clients quickly realize significant, sustainable returns from their customer relationship management (CRM) investments, taking their business performance to new heights.