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Marketing Transformation Services


With more companies focused on growth, marketing has emerged as a key factor separating industry leaders from laggards.

Customer knowledge can be hard to come by and even harder to use effectively. Axafina makes it easier, with an end-to-end infrastructure for developing and operationalizing deep customer insight, including unique capabilities and managed services for customer data management, customer analytics and campaign management.

Superior marketing capabilities not only help attract customers, but also convert them into loyal product and service advocates.

In fact, Axafina's research into superior results marketing and customer management shows that mastery of five specific marketing factors accounts for 50 percent of a company's ability to win customer loyalty, which in turns drive higher revenues and greater profitability.

Yet at many organizations, the chief marketing officer faces tremendous challenges, particularly when it comes to driving organic growth. Globalization, for one, is spurring competition and transforming market economics. Rapid innovation is increasing product complexity and speeding commoditization. And generally weak capabilities for marketing planning and implementation reduce the impact of strategic marketing investment.

Today's savvy companies are allocating more resources towards marketing. However, simply spending more money does not guarantee increased customer loyalty—particularly in the face of intense competition for share of mind and wallet. To achieve superior results, marketers first need to identify and prioritize the investments that contribute to strategic objectives. They need the ability to quantify the return on these investments, to understand which are working and which are not, and reallocate resources more effectively.

Axafina helps chief marketing officers drive growth and achieve superior results by developing superior strategies, planning the effective implementation of these strategies, and executing these plans flawlessly—and doing quickly and efficiently.

Why Axafina

Axafina helps chief marketing officers achieve their objectives for organic growth, by prioritizing strategic investments and addressing the most critical gaps in marketing capability gaps. Most importantly, Axafina speeds strategy development, planning and implementation, helping companies quickly acquire, retain and grow the most profitable customers.

  • Our solutions for proposition marketing drive growth by pinpointing the new market, product and services propositions required to win new customers and develop new market spaces.
  • Our solutions for customer-centric marketing drive growth by generating a consistent branded-customer experience across new and existing target customer touch-points.
  • Our solutions Marketing Operational Excellence enable flawless delivery of strategic growth initiatives while creating – or providing access to—world-class Marketing operations capabilities.


Axafina offers the following services to help clients achieve mastery in marketing , delivered through discrete consulting projects solutions or through end-to-end transformational programs, depending on business needs:

  • Market and customer strategy solutions drive profitable growth and sustained competitive advantage through high-impact market-focused and customer-focused business strategies.
  • Segmentation and analysis solutions enable fact-based one-to-one customer targeting and engagement, to create more loyalty and more profitable customer relationships.
  • Customer centricity solutions incorporate the customer's perspective, value and actions into marketing strategy, planning and execution, to improve business performance and build customer loyalty.
  • Customer loyalty management solutions drive increased customer loyalty while fuelling profitable growth through integrated loyalty insights, strategy and program development, execution and measurement platforms and outsourcing.
  • Campaign and promotion management solutions help marketing organizations develop the capabilities needed to deliver multi-channel marketing messages that support customer acquisition, growth and retention.
  • Marketing operations planning and management solutions drive organic growth and shareholder value by building world-class capability for the planning and execution of marketing programs.
  • Customer data management solutions deliver continuously accurate, complete and compliant customer information across the enterprise.
  • Marketing return on investment solutions optimize investments across products, regions, countries and business units, to maximize future potential based on market, competitor and internal data.

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