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Customer Contact Transformation


Axafina helps companies transform their customer contact operations for superior results—by reducing the cost of delivering customer service and delivering a more satisfying customer experience.

Companies in many industries now face new competitive threats, as well as new opportunities for growth. At the same time, their customers are demanding higher quality service and their shareholders are pressuring them to contain spending and improve operating efficiency.

Is it possible to develop new revenue opportunities, satisfy customer expectations, reduce costs and conserve capital? Or must companies chose among these competing goals? Nowhere is this dilemma felt more keenly than in the customer contact center. More and more businesses are finding that their traditional approach to managing customer contact is too costly to sustain, while the obvious remedies pose a serious risk of damaging customer relationships.

Axafina can shed light on how leading organizations manage to balance cost efficiency with customer satisfaction and organic growth. For example, our research has found that the ability to develop and consistently deliver a differentiated, branded customer experience plays a major role in helping organizations achieve a superior level of customer loyalty. In turn, customer loyalty help drive profitability, revenue growth and shareholder value.

We have translated these and other insights into process and technology innovations that help our clients master the delivery of profitable, satisfying customer experiences and improve business performance. We can help your organization do the same.

Why Axafina

Axafina helps companies achieve superior business performance by designing, implementing and managing a more satisfying, more profitable experience for their customers. We deliver these outcomes through a powerful, market-leading combination of innovative consulting solutions, managed services and strategic outsourcing capabilities.

Axafina Customer Contact Transformation services help you achieve a predictable reduction in customer cost-to-serve over time, while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and stimulating revenue growth.

We have translated insight and expertise developed through research and years of pioneering client work into proven innovations for virtually every aspect of customer contact, including customer analytics, customer self-service, agent performance management, agent desktop capabilities and contact center operations.

Our deep industry knowledge and business acumen enables us to apply these innovations in ways that produce significant results quickly and with minimal risk--results such as fewer service calls, improved call handling, increased use of self-service channel and faster time to agent proficiency.

We have helped companies reduce overall contact center operating expenses between 20 and 25 percent, and improve customer satisfaction scores 10 to 15 percent. In addition, our approach frees valuable capital freed by shifting clients to a more variable cost model, as the result of outsourcing or co-sourcing non-core components of customer contact.


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