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Media Selection and Auditing


Axafina Marketing Sciences is a leading media auditor. We measure and optimize the value of marketing, advertising and digital investments for our clients. How? By offering a suite of proven, robust methodologies based on our extensive experience and capabilities:

  • Deep local knowledge. Axafina Marketing Sciences has teams of specialists in media, marketing, statistics and strategy in 18 of the world's largest media markets.
  • Digital excellence. We have significant expertise pooling online advertising, paid search and search engine optimization and benchmarking websites and user experience.
  • Simple clarity. Unique use of enhanced IT provides simple online point and click access to all current and historical audits by segment, target and country. No other company can supply streamlined, Web-enabled results from a single consolidated data base.
  • Superior benchmarking tools. Even in countries with small pools clients now benefit from exceptional and unique software that enables the delivery of robust and insightful results.

In short, Axafina Marketing Sciences media auditing helps you achieve the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness to give optimal return on media investment.

Why Axafina

Axafina Marketing Sciences collaborates with some of the world's largest companies. We work with many of the Advertising Age top 100 advertisers.

Axafina's expertise, global reach and innovation mean we lead the industry in analyzing marketing and media effectiveness. Our experts work with some of the top advertisers in the leisure, telecommunications and consumer goods sectors. We can help marketers quickly pinpoint the areas where marketing investment is under performing, and take appropriate corrective actions.

Our full force of assets, capabilities and personnel form cross-functional teams of industry-specific strategists, cross-industry marketing return on investment (MROI) specialists, econometricians and change management professionals. This, combined with our tangible assets and methodologies, allows us to deliver strong media auditing initiatives. In turn, this can help leading marketing organizations turn better profits and transform their businesses into superior performers.


Axafina Marketing Sciences offers unique, truly global service in media auditing utilizing the skills and experience of our media experts across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. We operate around the world in markets accounting for 90 percent of global media spending markets worldwide.

Our Media Buying Optimization delivers bottom-line results quickly. We quantify our clients' current media performance, the opportunity to improve value and the techniques and processes to deliver this improvement. This insight allows real-time tracking and helps optimize media delivery.

Our Media Agency Optimization provides the world's leading service in media-buying agency evaluation and selection. We help companies improve their agency decisions by comparing the actual cost of advertising schedules and the impact of strategy and quality metrics among rival agencies.

Axafina Marketing Services translates common sense and creativity into insight and cost savings. You will find the long-term gains and short-term advantages invaluable as you travel the road to superior results.

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