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Digital Marketing


Axafina Marketing Sciences digital marketing services can help you define, build and measure your marketing investments in the rapidly evolving digital space.

Axafina Marketing Sciences offers a range of solutions to increase marketing effectiveness in this constantly changing environment. We help define and build superior-results digital capability and implement tools to monitor, diagnose and improve performance.

In short, Axafina Marketing Sciences digital marketing services helps you:

  • Develop an integrated approach to planning.
  • Evaluate your current strategy.
  • Execute a new or better strategy to connect your digital strategy to your business plan.

Why Axafina

Axafina regularly reviews more than 100 of the world's biggest brand websites and more than $250 million of online advertising.

Axafina Marketing Sciences connects your digital strategy to your business strategy. We help you determine the right mix of online services and make sure you pay the right price for your online strategy and activity.

Once we determine the right mix at the right price, we begin an intensive process to maximize your digital offering. This is a multi-tiered process that involves:

  • Defining optimum digital marketing performance.
  • Understanding how much and where you should spend online (vs. offline) using fact-based analytics.
  • Optimizing efficiencies in digital media buying through measurement vs. the market.
  • Evaluating your website's performance against the world's best websites to determine priorities for improvement.


We offer a variety of tools that economize and expand your digital assets. Make the most of the cyber universe and achieve superior results, with:

Digital Strategy

  • By fully understanding your business and marketing goals, Axafina Marketing Sciences can enable you to define and achieve the optimum digital solution for your business.

Digital Media Audit

  • We optimize efficiencies in digital media investments and agency evaluation through measurement and benchmarking.
  • Axafina Marketing Sciences regularly reviews more than $100 million in digital advertising. We benchmark price and quality against site and size and target specific pools and back it up with rate card discount analysis.
  • Nielsen/NetRatings (NNR) data helps us highlight significant opportunities in digital media for our clients.

Web Evaluation

  • Our benchmarking process provides a simple and effective way to assess what brand owners can do to improve their online brand management.
  • We look across industry leaders and factor in other important performance goals to help prioritize areas for making improvements.

Search Optimization

  • We assess the performance of your search engine strategy, both paid and organic, to help you effectively manage your optimization against well-defined business goals.
  • We monitor cost-per-click (CPC) pricing and recommend changes to your strategy to increase quality ranking scores to improve ROI. We perform detailed keyword analysis, optimize advertisement and landing page effectiveness and review conversion funnel results.

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