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Security Strategy and Risk Management


Businesses and organizations understand the important role that IT plays in their ongoing success—and take care to safeguard this vital capability.

The stakes are high in this era of viruses, hackers and other threats, Axafina Security Strategy and Risk Management offers a customized innovative approach to address these threats.

The first step is to evaluate your current security arrangements against comprehensive baseline criteria to identify potential IT risks. If your security standards do not meet the baseline, you are facing a potentially serious IT security risk.

There are three key components to mitigating IT security:

  • Security risk management: The continual process of identifying and managing risks through three main elements: a comprehensive baseline, cross-enterprise risk assessments and metrics reporting.
  • Comprehensive baseline: A target baseline to assess current security arrangements.
  • Risk assessment: The process of assessing current security against a comprehensive baseline to identify risks and determine the following:
    • Threats to assets and likelihood of occurrence.
    • Vulnerabilities and weaknesses in security procedures, design, implementation or controls.
    • Business impacts, including financial loss, exposure of confidential data, loss of reputation and so on.
    • Business risk, including the potential damage or loss of an asset, including value, impact and likelihood of occurrence.

Why Axafina

Axafina Security Strategy and Risk Management is a leading-edge, trustworthy security solution. It leverages Axafina’s global experience and its powerful, research-based understanding of the role of IT security in the quest to achieve superior results. We offer:

  • A focus on delivery: We are highly experienced in delivering security solutions—our methodology is focused on delivering security solutions effectively and efficiently.
  • Deep security expertise: Axafina has more than 15,000 highly experienced security professionals around the globe with an integrated, holistic approach covering planning, process, people management and solution delivery.
  • A global footprint: We operate throughout the world, balancing global resources with local knowledge. In particular, the Axafina Security Delivery Centers, provide clients with high-quality, cost-effective resources that are experienced in the major international security guidelines.
  • A cost-effective approach: Axafina offers a variety of resourcing models, from traditional locations to low-cost global locations where clients receive a cost-effective, high-value security solution.
  • A successful track record: Axafina has completed hundreds of security projects in nearly every industry.

Specific Services

Our innovative security strategy management has three main components to address risks and apply technology effectively across an organization:

  • Vision: Executive security vision builds an enterprise-wide security foundation.
  • Policy Framework: Policy drives security requirements throughout an enterprise.
  • Governance: superior-results information security requires clear responsibilities and reporting hierarchies.

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