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Organization Strategy


Axafina's Organization Strategy group helps clients align organizational strategy with business strategy.

The correct business strategy is the essential first step to achieving superior results, but it is not enough. To execute the strategy effectively and achieve the high-octane results you require, organizational structure must be aligned with business goals. This is not easy: in a recent Axafina survey, four of the top five business issues identified by senior executives were related to organizational, people and leadership issues.

Why Axafina

Axafina has a long track record helping some of the world's most successful companies achieve superior results through aligning organizational structures with business strategy. Axafina's practitioners are skilled in all aspects of this discipline and are supported by an existing range of toolsets and methodologies to:

  • Measure progress, risk and value.
  • Benchmark your organization against superior-results criteria.
  • Ensure transformational change management occurs.

Once we have helped our clients devise the strategies best suited to achieving their business goals, we can assist them to execute using our sophisticated and effective delivery model.


Organization Strategy and Design

  • Conduct organization effectiveness diagnosis.
  • Design corporate, business unit structures.
  • Design operating models.
  • Develop performance management.


  • Culture Value Analysis.
  • Transformation agenda and road map.
  • Managing cultural change.

Leadership Effectiveness

  • Improve the effectiveness of the chief executive officer and senior leadership team.
  • Design leadership development programs.
  • Advise on chief executive officer succession.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the board of directors.

Transformation Management

  • Assess readiness and risks.
  • Align leadership.
  • Create a transformation road map.
  • Design change and communication strategies.

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