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Human Resources Management

It's more than management, it's about transformation. HR Transformation creates a fundamental shift in the focus, activities, and outcomes to deliver higher-value employee services at lower cost and to dramatically increase HR's strategic contribution.

{tab Introduction}


Axafina's Human Resources Management services help clients to not only reduce HR costs, but also improve the delivery of an HR strategy and enhance employee satisfaction with HR management.

Effective HR Management is a constant balancing act between efficiency and effectiveness, between cost reduction and adequate delivery of service. The fact remains that HR is an essential infrastructure for every organization. It brings talent into the organization, manages it, and helps it grow.

Yet in most cases the HR function must be transformed if it is to fulfill its promise. It must focus less on transactional processing and more on strategic enablement that can help a company achieve its performance and profitability goals.

Whether provided in-house or through an outsourcing arrangement (via Axafina HR BPO Services), this approach enables clients to not only reduce HR costs, but also improve the delivery of HR services and enhance employee satisfaction with HR management. The biggest benefit: a business-focused HR infrastructure that helps employees—and, consequently, companies at large—fulfill their potential for superior results.

Why Axafina

Our approach brings together what’s needed to revolutionize the HR function: deep expertise in HR strategy, service delivery and employee relationship management, and strong capabilities in process redesign, organization change and information technology. Whether provided in-house or through an outsourcing arrangement (via Axafina HR BPO Services), this approach enables clients to not only reduce HR costs, but also to improve the delivery of HR services and enhance employee satisfaction with HR management.

{tab Payroll}


Axafina understands that payroll is one of the most visible and important functions to employees. We provide a full service, global payroll solution to reduce processing costs while ensuring accuracy, timeliness, security and compliance. We make your payroll easier to run, and less costly, by providing a standard way to access and change payroll-related information. Working with Axafina clients can receive the following key benefits:

  • Reduced total cost while standardizing payroll processing on a global basis.
  • Improved regional and global reporting capabilities.
  • Improved speed to bring new geographies or workforces on line.
  • Improved scalability to adjust to fluctuations in the size of your workforce.
  • Predictable results with reduced risk.
  • Management of merger & acquisition actions into your standard payroll process.


In support of your global payroll requirements, Axafina payroll services include the key facets of your end to end payroll needs including: Time and Attendance, Payroll Calculations, Deduction Management, Payroll Distribution and Post Payroll Activities. Our world-class integrated processes enable streamlined and consistent execution of your payroll:

  • Payroll Administration: We make payroll seamless. We manage the global payroll process in an accurate and cost-efficient manner while maintaining multiple interfaces with third party organizations and agencies.
  • Build to Gross: We accept data from all applicable inputs such as employee self service, benefits, time and attendance and garnishments, and compile all the appropriate inputs to build to gross.
  • Gross to Net: We have world class tools and processes essential to support rules and regulatory standards specific to countries and clients while ensuring fast and cost-effective payroll calculation.
  • Travel and Expense: We accumulate, edit, audit, approve and process all expense and travel activity in accordance with your company policies and regulatory standards.
  • Payroll Distribution: We provide accurate, timely distribution, ensuring disbursement of all outputs from payroll to the appropriate destination in the formats requested and according to your company's standards.
{tab Recruitment}


Many recruitment companies can help bring new hires in the door. The real value is in finding a recruiting partner that can help you keep your talent—around the world. We help you find and deploy the best talent for all skill levels, from entry level to executive, while helping you retain the people you need most anywhere that your company does business.

Axafina knows that an intelligent recruiting strategy goes well beyond filling vacancies. We employ end-to-end solutions to recruit and deploy staff with the requisite skills and attributes to meet client business needs. We support all types of hiring, including professional, hourly, executive, campus/graduate and contingent labor. This customizable solution consists of world class processes, technologies optimized for business process outsourcing, and deep expertise.

We deploy specialist "high-touch" recruitment skills to foster key relationships in the recruitment lifecycle, as well as a highly-skilled and experienced team that can efficiently support high volumes of recruitment administration.

A partnership with Axafina brings the following value:

  • Reduced total cost of recruitment.
  • Improved scalability to adjust to hiring volume changes.
  • Access to a global footprint of delivery capabilities.
  • Integration with comprehensive talent management capabilities, including learning, workforce performance and compensation.


In support of your talent management objectives, Axafina recruitment services enables all the types of workforces within your organization, such as Campus/Graduate, Hourly, Professional, Executive and Contingent through recruitment. Our end-to-end recruitment processes ensure seamless integration throughout the function:

  • Sourcing: Sourcing starts with a clear vision of your needs. We provide world class processes to help define your sourcing strategy and needs, then quickly find the right talent to fulfill them.
  • Screening & Selecting: Focused screening and selecting of candidates is essential to the recruiting process; we offer a full range of applicant screening and testing procedures. We deliver a predictable approach to global workforce selection that will bring the right assets to your company now when you need them.
  • Hiring: Let your HR and hiring managers focus on the strategic matters like hiring decisions. We provide the administrative and logistical backing to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring process.
  • On Boarding Orientation: It's critical to integrate your new joiners into your company quickly and effectively. Our world class on boarding processes makes that happen by coordinating pre-start activities, creating and distributing welcome packages, organizing and managing orientations, managing benefits enrollment and managing new-hire training schedules.
  • Contractor & Contingent Management: We manage the entire contingent labor recruitment process, from determining the need for outside vendors, to tracking their performance and managing the contracts and billing.
  • Scheduling and Deployment: Getting the employee with the right skills in the right place to meet your requirements is vital to maintaining a superior results workforce. We help deploy your staff in the most effective manner, finding ways to match your scheduling and site deployment needs with the personal demands of an ever-evolving workforce.
  • Recruitment Administration: From managing travel issues to assisting with relocations and pre-employment checks, we ensure that the entire recruitment process runs smoothly and that candidates are kept informed throughout the process.
  • Recruitment Technology: We provide leading technologies coupled with world class processes leveraged to support your recruiting strategies.
{tab Rewards}


Keeping employees motivated and making them feel appreciated isn't easy. The days of big stock option packages have passed, but the competition for the best talent continues. Axafina can help you implement and administer the right programs for your industry, workforce and budget—delivering superior results in a critical HR function.

Axafina provides a full range of global compensation and benefits administration services combined with extensive self-service capabilities and customer contact services. We administer compensation and benefits programs using standardized processes and a common technology platform that automates many time-consuming procedures whilst ensuring data accuracy. Our online help tools and dedicated teams provide assistance to clients' HR and line managers in making informed decisions, whether it's regarding an employee's reward incentives or absence due to long-term illness.

Our compensation and benefits solutions cover extensive areas, from program development, document management, process administration, technology maintenance, to annual and ad hoc reports and analyses. Through working with Axafina, our clients receive the following key benefits:

  • Accurate and timely updates to employee databases for any changes.
  • One-stop-shop for employees and managers.
  • Access to a wide range of compensation and benefits programs.

Our innovative programs have helped global organizations drive workforce excellence and reduce cost. With Axafina, the administration lifecycle is shortened through our consistent and streamlined processes. The managers are kept informed on change and compliance issues as well as budgetary impacts. Most important of all, we provide services to global organizations regardless of geographic diversity and address regional or local differences. Wherever the client operation is, our programs are always aligned with our clients' business strategies and HR priorities.


  • Compensation Planning: Our compensation planning solution comprises two elements: survey data and market intelligence management. We assist clients in developing plans and programs suitable to their employees and organizations, based on rigorous benchmarking and analysis exercise. Our planning capability encompasses a wide range of areas, including training and communications, job analysis and documentation, salary modelling projections, merit budget analysis and recommendation, regulatory compliance, policy and programme effectiveness audits, etc. Our continuous survey and market analysis programs ensure the relevance and competitiveness of the program offering.
  • Compensation Administration: We provide annual and off-cycle administration to a variety of programs, including base pay and incentive plans, reward and recognition, equity awards, salary increase, and other ad hoc compensation administration support. We also provide management of clients' software applications and customer contact services.
  • Benefits Administration: We offer administration services to a wide range of benefit programs, such as health and welfare, savings and retirement, flexible benefits, tuition reimbursement, and car allowance. Our Web-based technology reduces time to process and enables participants to make educated decisions. We help clients to plan globally and deploy locally—delivering effective and efficient benefits administration services across countries.
{tab Workforce Performance}


Employees need ongoing feedback and coaching to be at their best. Yet, every year it becomes more and more difficult for enterprises to effectively manage performance. Even the best managers are strapped for time and need help accurately evaluating their employees and contractors and fostering greater teamwork and productivity.

Developing a superior-results workforce is the top priority for world-class HR leaders. Companies with a well-trained, knowledgeable and flexible workforce respond better to market opportunities and business challenges. At Axafina, we help global organizations measure and manage their workforce performance, strengthening the effectiveness of their teams and individuals. Our services are flexible to provide you with the right mix of global consistency and local configurations to support your business requirements.

Axafina's workforce performance program goes beyond transactional services. It brings rigor to clients' global workforce performance programs through:

  • Streamlined processes for performance assessment and planning.
  • Neutral, objective reviews to managers on performance results.
  • Reduction in total time to review and circulate performance issues to resolve competency gaps.
  • Integration with talent management, compensation and workforce development programs.

Most important, Axafina has a partnership approach to clients' HR and workforce performance strategies. With deep experience in human capital management, we work with clients to define their strategy and associated policies and processes.

We design integrated workforce performance programs to quantify the unique needs of clients' organizations, including setting goals and behavioral standards and assisting managers in reviewing employee performance. Where a competency gap is identified, we provide immediate measures to ensure the appropriate skill set is allocated or developed.

Through our coaching, mentoring, and career management programs, our clients' employees have a comprehensive view of their contributions and the career paths open to them. Organizations can further motivate and enhance the performance of their workforce, while improving the retention and satisfaction of their most talented people.


Axafina provides a wide range of workforce performance services, including:

  • Competency Management: We conduct regular competency analyzes and evaluations through performance assessment programs. Where a gap is identified, we provide training, career development or recruitment as appropriate to ensure the positions are filled with skilled staff.
  • Performance Management: We manage the processes throughout the entire performance and appraisal life-cycle. We incorporate both business and individual objectives to establish performance standards, and facilitate regular review, mentoring, and coaching with 360 degree feedback processes and technology. We help clients recognize and reward employees for their superior results, while addressing any underperformance issues.
  • Career Development: We manage the administration of career development programs using appraisal, feedback and objectives-based results to build career development plans. Our dedicated teams administer career development sessions and training, and provide seamless interfaces with recruitment and other HR services.
  • Succession Planning: We help client organizations define and maintain required competencies through identifying the most critical positions and the appropriate internal candidates for them. Our planning tools maintain resource pools and monitor the succession plan for alignment to individuals' career development.

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