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Billing Services Management


We help businesses achieve a superior level of performance by transforming the way they handle their customer billing services.

Companies are under extreme pressure on multiple fronts: from customers, competitors, regulators and capital markets. Ineffective customer billing management practices often compound these pressures. While many have invested in improving front-end sales and service performance, they may be neglecting customer operations on the back-end, particularly customer billing services management.

Companies that try to improve billing effectiveness often focus more on the mechanics of producing bills rather than on using billing capabilities to create competitive advantage. Aging infrastructures impede new product introduction and product bundling, and constraints on capital spending prevent organizations from re-tooling their billing capabilities.

As the foundation for order processing, account management, revenue reporting and more, your customer billing capabilities are the critical link between what you offer customers and what you earn from customers. Each billing interaction is an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship, capture better customer information and deliver superior service.

Axafina believes that tomorrow's leaders will be the companies that design and implement new, data-driven customer strategies today. How well you master this new approach to managing—and growing—customer relationships will define your future.

Why Axafina

We combine innovative, proven solution components, the power of our strategic business relationships and global delivery capabilities that include a team of outstanding customer billing professionals.

Axafina Customer Billing solutions transform the way your business handles customer billing. We apply innovative yet proven solution components, such as Axafina Communications Solutions, and harness the power of our strategic business relationships and our global delivery capabilities, including a team of outstanding customer billing professionals.

With expertise in every dimension of billing—strategy, process, workforce, technology and operations—and expertise in virtually every billing software platform, Axafina can help you achieve a new level of performance.

  • By improving operational speed and efficiency, Axafina Customer Billing solutions can help reduce your billing costs by at least 20 percent.
  • By improving your ability to offer flexible billing options, and by using our Customer Insight capabilities to customize customer rates and discounts, our billing solutions can increase customer satisfaction and help you keep your best customers longer.
  • By readily supporting new products and product bundles, our solutions help you take advantage of new revenue opportunities faster.
  • By training your billing customer service professionals to take full advantage of new billing capabilities, our solutions can further enhance revenue through effective cross- and up-selling.


  • Leading a complete or a focused transformation of the billing function, including process, platform, organization and operations, in either an outsourced, co-sourced or consulting capacity.
  • Delivering external billing capabilities to support a new business model or new business launch.
  • Providing the planning, management and systems integration services needed to implement Axafina Communications Solutions and underlying software packages.

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