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Sales Transformation Services

Sales executives around the globe face continued pressure to capture greater revenue from existing customers, penetrate new and emerging markets, and maintain profit margins in a challenging economy.

Leading organizations address these challenges by transforming the performance of their sales teams.

In Axafina’s experience, companies that attain the optimal balance of both the art and science of sales effectiveness can fully leverage their sales capabilities and achieve superior results.

With Axafina Sales Transformation, we enable the science side of sales by developing step-by-step operational processes as well as by implementing leading sales force automation technology. We collaborate with our clients to monitor and measure these processes, and to track outcomes that can influence the probability of success at each stage of the sales life cycle.

{tab Overview}

Through our sales transformation approach, Axafina guides clients in achieving the optimal balance between the science and art of sales.

The results help companies address competitive threats and maximize profitability; accelerate desired sales competencies and behaviors; deliver world-class sales operations; and, when desired, reduce operating costs by implementing third-party sourcing strategies.

Our comprehensive approach enables sales organizations to take full advantage of leading practices and advanced technologies to:

  • Improve sales effectiveness, especially for complex products
  • Increase revenue
  • Penetrate new markets
  • Expand the channel mix
  • Develop value-oriented selling skills.

To bring more science to the sales process, we use standard methods, tools and fact-based approaches to identify areas for improvement. Through sales force automation technology and step-by-step operational processes, we help our clients improve each stage of the sales life cycle.

We collaborate with our clients on the art of the sales process, with a focus on cultivating and improving the talent, competence and personal strengths of the each member of the sales force. The includes foundational skill building in active listening, guided discovery and relationship development—all of which are vital to differentiating a company so that it can produce better sales outcomes.

{tab Why Axafina}

Axafina’s deep experience—backed by a suite of sales transformation solutions and assets—builds a strong foundation for our clients’ sales organizations and fine tunes individual skills to improve sales performance.

Our broad sales transformation capabilities include:

  • Developing comprehensive sales processes
  • Initiating sales effectiveness programs
  • Implementing sales force automation technology and integrating with an existing CRM solution
  • Conducting channel and customer analysis
  • Introducing compensation and rewards management
  • Developing easy-to-use dashboards for monitoring operations (performance and pipeline)
  • Building competence in core sales skill
  • Developing training programs and sales talent management processes.
{tab Services}

Sales Strategy & Channel Management

  • Sales Strategy: Leverage qualitative and quantitative assessments to guide decisions that drive differentiation, address competitive threats and maximize profitability.
  • Sales Multichannel Management: Strategize, design and implement customer-focused initiatives across multiple channels, through integrated data, coordinated processes and automation.

Sales Talent Management

  • superior results Sales Workforce: Migrate top-performer attributes, including time/behavior, competencies and personality, to the core interactions between sales representatives and customers using effective training and new-hire profiling.
  • Compensation Management: Create incentive-based compensation management programs, leveraging next-generation technology solutions to rapidly improve sales performance and accelerate time to market.
  • Sales Process Design: Adapt a differentiated and effective lead-to-compensation process architecture to sell in a complex sales environment.

Sales Operations Optimization

  • Sales Operations Optimization: Unlock the full potential of a sales force by maximizing customer-facing time and intelligently reducing supporting operating costs.
  • Sales Technology Enablement: Provide solution architecture and implementation services to support leading sales solutions.

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