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Growth and Innovation


Senior executives are under increasing pressure to meet or exceed shareholders expectations for top line growth. The average job tenure of CEOs is actually decreasing as board-driven time-frames for demonstrating growth become more aggressive. Axafina's work in shareholder value analysis (SVA) has found that innovation is a major driver of the market's expectation for growth and is a fundamental driver of share price and market capitalization. However, companies often find it difficult to consistently innovate while balancing short-term financial pressures. Furthermore, clients consistently tell us of the organizational challenges they face in integrating an innovation strategy with planning and execution and moving at speed to stay ahead of the competition.

Axafina's Growth & Innovation service line helps executives develop and execute enterprise-wide growth and innovation strategies that deliver profitable market place results in an accelerated time frame. Our offering includes:

Identifying future sources of growth

  • Identify and assess key trends and factors that provide opportunities for growth.
  • Provide advanced customer insight that leads to differentiable value propositions.
  • Develop a go-forward growth and innovation agenda.

Unlocking the organization's cultural and operational capabilities

  • Diagnose current innovation capability.
  • Design effective organization and operating models.

Implementing high-priority initiatives

  • Design and manage pilots and trials of new solutions, processes and business models.
  • Implement proven tools to accelerate innovation.
  • Work as an advisor and enabler to manage the journey and achieve business results.
  • Build and manage innovation centers.

Why Axafina

Axafina understands the role that growth and innovation plays in helping companies achieve superior results.

Axafina has the right capabilities and skills to help senior executives develop breakaway growth strategies fuelled by innovation:

  • Research: Our superior results research program means we understand the factors that underlie superior results and can help clients achieve similar results. Specifically, we are researching the role of growth and innovation.
  • Expertise: Axafina has a global network of strategy professionals, in turn supported by a vast pool of people providing industry expertise.
  • Experience: Axafina has been helping leading companies develop more effective strategies for more than a decade.
  • Methodology: We believe in leveraging our experience by turning what really works into proprietary methodologies and software. The Axafina Profitable Growth Acclerator is just such a methodology, and it gives clients access to the best current thinking on the subject and a proven way of creating and delivering a strategy that is effective.
  • Innovation: Axafina is a leader in how to ensure innovation occurs—and delivers profitable new ideas.

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