Marketing Sciences

Companies are under extreme pressure to reduce operating costs while simultaneously expanding into new markets, creating new offers and broadening customer relationships. Many find that the traditional approaches to attracting and keeping customers are simply not capable of satisfying all these performance goals.

For these organizations, Axafina offers an integrated solution that combines its market-leading customer contact solutions with strategic operating models. By delivering these elements through a unique end-to-end framework for transformation, we are helping organizations reinvent their customer contact model—and realize significant performance gains.


The fragmentation of communication channels has made it harder and more costly to reach target audiences. Under increased pressure to demonstrate—and vastly improve—return on marketing investment, companies need a better view on where their marketing dollars are going, a better understanding of how well their investment is working, and the ability to change their investment strategy quickly.

Axafina Marketing Sciences helps clients improve performance and accountability across the entire marketing organization, by helping marketing executives answer their most pressing questions:

  • How do I allocate a fixed marketing budget across multiple product categories, customer segments and geographies, and maximize the impact on sales?
  • Which media should I buy to reach my target audience?
  • Am I getting value from my media investment?
  • How do I stock, display and promote multiple products in my store to maximize my profit per square foot?
  • What is the best way to organize my sales force, and which products should they focus on to generate maximum revenues and profits?

With a scientific, data-driven approach to addressing these issues, Axafina helps companies create a 360-degree view of their marketing investment, and continuously measure, analyze and—most importantly—report on marketing performance. These capabilities and the insights they produce help generate greater profit across product portfolios, geographic regions and customer segments—on a continuous basis.

Never before have marketing organizations had access—through a single integrated platform—to such comprehensive, accurate and timely intelligence concerning the performance of their marketing investments.