• Business Performance Accelerated
  • Result-Oriented Consultancy Services
  • Business Technologists
  • Global Reach
  • Business Performance Accelerated

    We accelerate business performance through a powerful combination of innovative solutions,
    managed services and strategic capabilities.
  • Result-Oriented Consultancy Services

    Backed by pragmatic and enduring solutions.
  • We Are Business Technologists

    Delivering a business strategy – not just technology.
  • Our Reach Is Global

    The impact for our client's customers is local.

Industry-Leading Tools

Axafina uses industry-leading tools and processes encompassing data protection, business continuity, security risk, strategy, requirements, estimation, and architecture tools and processes.

Infrastructure Demands

The Axafina Predictive Operations solution can help companies anticipate infrastructure demands—and resolve IT problems—before they occur. In short, it allows companies to monitor application performance continually and align the IT infrastructure with business imperatives—supporting the achievement of superior results.

Top-Flight Cyber Workers

Cybersecurity and innovation require top-flight cyber workers and leaders. Axafina helps develop both with a unique approach.

Finance Strategy

Axafina advises on developing a finance vision and strategy, which often involves an analysis of current processes, organizational structures, skills and competencies, information technology enablement, governance, operating environment/culture and business linkage.

Industry-Specific Tools

Our industry-specific tools give quantified guidance on how to optimize profit per-square-foot by offering the most desirable array of unique items at the lowest possible cost, and pricing and promoting them in a way that is consistent with store strategy and profit objectives.

Business Survival

Axafina professionals provide the experience to help companies stay on track and deal with risks that could unhinge their business survival.

Adaptive Security Index

We secure IT infrastructures, applications, and data. Our services include security assessment, strategy and planning, architecture and design, implementation, and operations. We also align security with business needs using our unique Adaptive Security Index.

Identifying Competencies

Axafina helps clients build new capabilities and boost workforce performance by identifying competencies, developing learning programs, and gaining stakeholder buy-in.


By synthesizing staff, processes, structure, and technology, our human capital strategy consultants develop customized solutions to help agencies ensure that their people are able to meet mission objectives.

Customer Interactions

Drawing on our customer strategy capabilities and industry expertise, Axafina works with you to optimize your customer interactions across marketing, sales and customer service.

Risk Management Journey

Axafina has the delivery capabilities to accelerate your risk management journey at every phase. With more than 10 years of delivering solutions for our clients, we have built in-depth skills, industry expertise and proven assets utilized by project teams.

Offshoring IT Services

Axafina offers guidance on the most appropriate strategies for outsourcing or offshoring IT services, and ensure that effective controls are implemented.

Cash Management

Axafina Cash Management helps clients design and embed approaches to develop and implement visibility, control and generation of cash across the business.

Marketing and Media Spend

Axafina helps companies better manage their investment in growth by continuously measuring, evaluating and optimizing marketing and media spend.

Media Audit and Evaluation

Axafina media audit and evaluation service helps companies answer such critical questions as “Did we buy the right media for our plan?” “Did we meet the right quality criteria?” “Are we paying the best price?”.

Adaptive Security

Axafina Adaptive Security expertise allows clients to create an IT infrastructure strong enough to withstand security challenges of today while maintaining enough flexibility to take advantage of the technology advancements of tomorrow.

Top-Performing Finance Function

Axafina Finance & Performance Management services help our clients to develop and sustain a top-performing Finance function. We enable the function to better serve the organization—and to create substantially more value for stakeholders.

Stay Ahead of Change

We help our clients stay ahead of change with workforce performance programs that are flexible, scalable, and in tune with current trends in policy, technology, and demography.

Integrated Learning Solution

Axafina's integrated learning solution anticipates the need for new learning strategies, knowledge management services, training content, and timely delivery.

Intelligent Digital Platform

Our Digital Consulting group helps companies achieve agile, intelligent digital marketing and rich, compelling experiences using Axafina Interactive’s Intelligent Digital Platform.

Cyber Workforce

Axafina has deep experience and expertise in working with clients to develop a 21st Century cyber workforce. All aspects are considered, such as competency development, curriculum planning, leadership development, stakeholder analysis, engagement strategies, and change management and strategic communications.

Real Business Value

Axafina’s Business Information Management services address the whole information lifecycle to ensure your organization gets real business value from its data resources;

Finance Function Optimization

The Axafina Finance Function Optimization advises on 'right sizing' the finance organization’s cost base to release capital or otherwise meet stakeholder objectives.

Understanding Of Consumer Needs

We help organizations create a fact-based understanding of consumer needs, the cost of meeting these needs, competition and the strategic business goals and objectives, and then use these insights to optimize store space and assortment, to increase store traffic, transactions and profitability.

Media Cost and Quality

Our detailed knowledge of media cost and quality enables us to quantify an organization’s current media performance, measure the opportunity for improvement, and identify the techniques and processes required to deliver this improvement.

Strategy and Planning

Axafina secures IT infrastructures, applications, and data. Our services include security assessment, strategy and planning, architecture and design, implementation, and operations. We also align security with business needs using our unique Adaptive Security Index.

Custom Software

Axafina’s application development and integration services solve critical business and technology problems.

Strategic Human Capital Management

Axafina's approach to Strategic Human Capital Management helps clients design, implement, and evaluate formal systems to ensure the effective use of human talent to implement business strategy and maximize workforce performance.

Comprehensive Solution

We incorporate training, education, and performance support as an integrated, comprehensive solution to help clients build new capabilities and increase workforce performance through competency identification and assessment, design and development of learning programs and curricula, and delivery of education across multiple methods.

Digital Diagnostics

Axafina Digital Diagnostics addresses website optimization issues, simplifies and improves the efficiency and scalability of your digital operations.

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