• Business Performance Accelerated
  • Result-Oriented Consultancy Services
  • Business Technologists
  • Global Reach
  • Business Performance Accelerated

    We accelerate business performance through a powerful combination of innovative solutions,
    managed services and strategic capabilities.
  • Result-Oriented Consultancy Services

    Backed by pragmatic and enduring solutions.
  • We Are Business Technologists

    Delivering a business strategy – not just technology.
  • Our Reach Is Global

    The impact for our client's customers is local.

Enabling New Growth

Axafina helps clients protect information, infrastructures, applications and key business processes against internal and external threats, while enabling new growth and innovation by managing risks.

High Level Of Confidence

Axafina helps clients establish this high level of confidence, so they can deliver trusted services to employees and the public at lower costs with increased effectiveness.

Information Protection Services

Axafina Information Protection Services offer scalable and adaptable frameworks to help organizations meet their privacy requirements and address regulatory and policy compliance issues.

Application & Infrastructure Security Services

Axafina Application & Infrastructure Security Services deliver balanced risk-based enterprise security solutions within businesses, leveraging complex packaged applications such as SAP, Oracle or custom applications.

Opportunities For Sustainability

We apply a holistic approach to help achieve entirely new levels of IT availability, reliability and performance, while finding the most cost-effective opportunities for sustainability.

Objective IT Assessment

Our proven, objective IT assessment capabilities and world-class management framework help organizations prioritize and build IT capabilities that drive higher levels of business performance.

Infrastructure Consulting

In Axafina Infrastructure Consulting, we are focused on helping our clients strengthen their underlying IT infrastructure in order to boost their business performance.

Effective Cyber Workforce

Axafina has extensive experience working with clients to build an effective cyber workforce and to develop the leaders who can drive change in their organizations.

Information Management

Axafina Information Management provides a ‘single version of the truth’, delivering the intelligence that enables smarter decision-making.

Cost-Effective Opportunities

Axafina looks for the most cost-effective opportunities that will allow our clients to maintain their IT performance for years to come.

Realize Vision

We help clients realize their vision of change through solutions that mitigate systemic risk, and enable regulation, oversight, and supervision of global payment systems, commercial banking, and capital markets.

Trusted Services Model

Axafina is helping clients pursue the opportunity to reduce costs and increase mission impact by taking advantage of the opportunity to transform their operations to the trusted services model.

Information Protection

Benefits of Axafina Information Protection Services include prevention of data breaches that can potentially cause large reputation and financial losses. In addition, clients increase compliance with policies, security standards and regulations and enhance trust with their customers, partners and suppliers.

Securely Adopt New Technologies

We can help you securely adopt the new technologies needed to generate growth and anticipate and respond to risk with timely insights into cause, impact and potential resolution.

Road Map

Our capability provides a road map to prioritize areas of critical need, identify underutilized assets and generate greater returns on technology investments.

Ways to take Costs out

Axafina works with clients to help identify the most effective ways to take costs out of a business.

Supply Chain Organizations

Axafina helps supply chain organizations diagnose their operations and determine how their performance and efficiencies compare to best practices from other industry and government organizations.

Operations Maturity Model

The Axafina Operations Maturity Model is the inclusion of an improvement “road map” that puts companies on the path to predictive operations and helps them focus on the IT efforts that will best enable their superior-results business agendas.

IT Performance Problems

Axafina is helping clients in all industries identify, assess and address IT performance problems before they occur.

New Levels of IT Availability

Axafina applies a holistic approach—incorporating deep skills in technology, processes, change management, IT operations and governance— to help achieve entirely new levels of IT availability, reliability and performance.

Online Privacy

Axafina helps organizations protect the privacy — and win the confidence — of employees and members of the public who use their online services.

Federal Enterprise Architecture

Axafina is providing thought leadership and developing new techniques in trusted services to take advantage of the new Trust Framework that is now part of the Federal Enterprise Architecture.

Establish The Best Solution

Axafina has first-hand experience with a broad array of technologies and can help establish the best solution for your organization.

Robust Cybersecurity Solutions

With a multidisciplinary approach, Axafina provides robust cybersecurity solutions to a broad range of clients and industries, enabling them to confidently pursue the opportunities offered by the cyber revolution.

Their Mission, Our Mission

Axafina partners with our clients to solve their most important and complex problems, making their mission our mission, and delivering results that endure.

Greatest Impact

Axafina examines various aspects of processes and technology, and make recommendations for helping to optimize efficiency. This is one of the areas where IT can have the greatest impact.

Work Smarter

Axafina can help you work smarter, navigate the risks and regulations, and position yourself to pull ahead of your competition.

Information Into Action

Axafina empowers organizations to turn information into action by driving technology-enabled business insights.

IT Mastery

Axafina's strategic acumen and execution capability is the logical choice to help your organization achieve IT mastery. When it comes to predictive operations, Axafina is particularly well suited.

Shareholder Value

By drawing on the compensation, benefits, pension and financial experience of our global network, we help organisations link executive and employee rewards to business goals and shareholder value.

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